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ISBN: 9780091738846
Published: 1989

An inherited painting is the key to a cache of priceless relics in this novel of romantic suspense. The Landscape of Lies is a fifteenth-century painting in which the iconography of the picture hides clues to a buried treasure. Isobel Sadler inherits the painting but is told it is worth nothing. Then someone tries to steal it, so she shows it to art dealer Michael Whiting. He confirms that the painting itself is worth very little but that its features together tell a story.

As Isobel and Michael close in on the secret, they realize they are being stalked by a mystery figure. As danger builds, the pair are thrown closer together but all is put at risk in the explosive ending.

The iconography of the painting – specially commissioned for the jacket – plays fair by the reader. An art historian could solve the secret without reading the book. Landscape of Lies teaches how to read paintings in an enjoyable way.

Reviews of A Landscape of Lies

"Watson is a master of the art-world thriller."

Publishers Weekly

"Art history and deepening suspense merge in a journey related with sustained refinement and polish. A wonderful offering."

Library Journal