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ISBN: 9780586070758
Published: 1985

A thriller-cum-love story, and based on real events, The Nazi’s Wife is set in the wake of World War Two when Walter Wolff, an officer in the US Army’s art recovery unit, is assigned to track down a priceless collection of gold coins, stolen from a monastery in Austria, which General Eisenhower believes may be melted down and used to finance the escape plans of high-ranking Nazi officials, including Martin Bormann.

Wolff sets out in pursuit of Rudolf von Zell, Bormann’s right-hand man last in possession of the coins. His only lead is von Zell’s beautiful, enigmatic wife, Konstanze. But as Wolff works towards winning her trust, he finds himself falling in love; and as the relationship and the pressure to fulfill his mission intensify, a desperate battle of wills – and hearts – ensures. Has the hunter now become the prey?

Reviews of The Nazi’s Wife

"Peter Watson is a superb writer and a masterful story teller."

Houston Chronicle

"An outstanding story … exceptionally good writing … he lulls you into a state of comfort and you are hooked on his every word."

Daily Telegraph